The Sabbath

How to extract food from greedy but gullible vendors...

I won't be spoiling anything here if I mention that night is followed by morning.

Atra is located, and soup poured. The soup contains fresh herbs, ahem.

He's as happy as a Tamlin in beer.

Announcing the lutist Jakob Henriksson!

The anticipation is mounting... Or maybe not. Maybe they're just complaining about the lutist playing out of tune.

Do any of you even REMEMBER Beavis and Butt-head?

One downside to running 11-year-old material is that the pop culture references are hopelessly outdated, to the point where I fear I even have to explain to the under-25s who Beavis and Butt-Head were. They were stupid white trash teenagers from a cartoon that was shown on MTV when MTV was still marginally about the music videos. They supplied bone-headed commentary to music videos and snickered a lot. Sorry about that.

We see the gang travel through hyperspace, or something. What was I thinking?

Yeah, I know. It was a cliché even then.