The mission

Ragna discusses beauty ideals with a pair of Gnomettes.

Kel distrusts the Gnomes. Well she would, wouldn't she?

The Rogues are led before the Gnomian King, who wants the Contention stopped before it can engulf the nation.

'Globbo the Cyclops will join you' is not a sentence you want to hear when you're about to go on a dangerous mission.

And the way you're treating me is adding insult to injury!

And a happy 65th to my Dad!

The Great Gourm will not be fobbed off with surrogate Gnomes! Hail the Great Gourm!

Yes, yes. He looks uncouth. Trust me.

If your soldiers aren't immune to the Contention, it helps to say 'Woe and Alas'.

The Ground Elves are about to break up their tents... Run, here comes the pun

Half Eleven! Half-Elven! Geddit?

The pun here made a lot more sense in the original Dutch. This is one reason why I avoid puns in my writing these days.

The Queen of the Ground Elves is positively Elspethian

He's lucky! Sacrificed to the Great Gourm, no less!

The Rogues are not going to have the last laugh, here. Does anyone get the reference in the final panel?

How sour can grapes get, anyway?