The Dungeon

Tamlin inquires about dungeon life

she talks like someone I know...

This strip, and the ones after that, are a master chef's brew of stolen lines and references. See what you can recognise!

A conversation between torturers

Jake is not satisfied

In-jokery abounds in this one

The story of the Great Gourm and the Wuks is a long one, and I'm making every attempt possible to make it even longer.

It was called the 'pip' in the original. More injokery, references and downright stolen bits

Zap, zap, flotch

Interesting fact: When a door vanishes, it goes 'Vlap'

a new spin on an old trope

Wallop! Translating this one was a wee bit tricky

Pre-imperial measurements are much fun. The temple servants are quite upset by what happened with the door.

Jake wanders aimlessly through nothing

Bzzzz! Buzzing flies mean that a pregnant, uncomfortable pause is going on. Fact!

snoring and flowers: Kel shows off her little trick, but Jake confronts a much more delicate looking flower.

She's a girly!

Exciting animal appearances and technological smugness, what more could you want?

All the best magic goes 'Vlap'

Notice anything unusual about this episode? The Rogues have reached the castle, which is strangely overgrown with vegetation.