Battle for the Crystal

Gnome meets gnome

The King enjoys a rare moment of contemplation. Well, he can be said to enjoy it in comparison to what will happen next.

vegetation everywhere, but not a sprig of celery to be found anywhere

Tamlin would totally have scrammed without her

Now they can leave

Kel's cleverness is only matched by her incomprehension

Praise to all, fairest and foulest of the land!

The quote "Praise to Ghrghugha, fairest of the land" comes from a fantasy comic I liked at the time, for the art and the general story approach, The Crystal Sword (L'epée de Crystal). I don't like it much today, but at the time I was quite into it. Nevertheless, I could tell a bullshit line of dialogue when I saw one, and when the heroine was praised by the villagers for her beauty in such a cack-handed way, I knew that I had a line I was going to parody some time.

The inevitable happens. Like it would. Strangely, when a magical crystal shatters, it doesn't go 'Vlap'. It goes 'Crac' like a regular crystalline object.